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Potentiostats Galvanostats: PGU Series
Potentiostats Galvanostats: High Current Devices
Potentiostats Galvanostats: High Voltage Devices
Potentiostats Galvanostats: Impedance Devices
Potentiostats Galvanostats:BI Potentiostat
Potentiostats Galvanostats: Modular Series
Potentiostats Galvanostats: Portable Series
Corrosion cells
Delamination cell
Denavathan cell
Tube cell
CD Test cell
KMZ 3/5
Flat cell
ZRA-Flat cell
Rotating electrodes unit
Reference electrodes
Counter electrodes
Intermediate vessels
Faraday cages
HRU/ZRA, mobile equipment
Cormet products
Loading devices
Test Loops
Autoclaves and Test cells
Electrochemical Tools
Instruments for controlled-flow laboratory test
Software EcmWin
Project: Pulse generator for surface modification of metallic materials
Project: Electromechanical load test for tensile and fatigue tests
Project: Hydrogen Test Plant
Project: Stress corrosion cracking of high strength fasteners
Project: Photoelectrochemical measurement
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IPS Developements 2018
IPS Developements 2017
IPS Developements 2016
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Measurement methods
Electrochemical noise
Sequence measurement
Impedance measurement

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