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INSECT 2017 in Dresden



The portable Potentiostat / Galvanostat for lab and field



The PguTouch is derived from our Pgu-MOD TP. This was our first version of a stand-alone potentiostat. In the meantime we have transferred our embedded interface software to a powerful ARM Cortex microcontroller, that is much faster and use less power. Additional we developed an own measurement interface with 24 Bit A/D converters for measurement and 26 Bit D/A converters for highest resolution of the scanner (300nV steps).

The main idea of this instrument was to design a portable potentiostat/galvanostat that can be used in a lab as well as in the field. In a first step the device can be connected to our EcmWin Software and works like another potentiostat. But the instrument also can “loaded” with routines (so-called sequences) that allow the stand alone mode in the field basically with all typical measurement modes like OCP, Hold-, Scan-, Puls and a combination of these methods. Another feature is the measurement of electrochemical potential and current noise (impedance in preparation).

Furthermore we designed the connection of four working electrodes that can measured in a multiplexed mode. More than one electrode material can used in a continuous process of measurement, for instance for the analysis of some specials in the field.


More details you'll find in the PguTouch Datasheet or get in touch with us.


Our latest measuring cells


Individal FlatCell  



This is our modified ZRA measuring cell which can be also used now for 3-electrode measurements. The special feature is the curved contact surface for the test which was made with customized radii.

With this product we complement our variety of different measuring cells which are developed, designed and also produced by us accordingly of customized demands.


The figure next shows the Flat Cell from different perspectives.


Do you need an individual measuring cell for laboratory experiments or your studies?
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