Faraday cages

The danger when measuring low currents in nano or pikoampere ranges is very high because noise fields of surrounding areas can distort the measuring results and in bad cases they even could become useless. For such applications we provide Faraday cages in different versions.

Faraday cage with 2 measuring cells
Inside view Faraday cage


Concurrently this cage is optimally applicable for measurement of electrochemical noise. That is why this cage could be equipped with an integrated measuring amplifier for measuring the potential noise. The measuring amplifier operates with batteries with the result that all perturbations can be kept off the measuring cell.

The Faraday cage is made of steel sheet with good attenuation of shielding, is painted grey, the door is equipped with additional HF sealing springs and disposes of integrated assembled BNC connectors for the connection with a potentiostat. Internal connection cables are equipped with banana plugs to connect the measuring cell.

As a special feature, we also supply the 780mm high Faraday cage with a steel plate intermediate bottom, which allows independent measurements with 2 measuring cells (see photos above).

We deliver the cages in the following dimensions (Specifics: Width x Height x Depth):

  • 600 x 600 x 350 mm
  • 600 x 780 x 350 mm (also as a version for 2 measuring cells avaiable)


Inside view standard Faraday cage

Inside view standard Faraday cage

Faraday cage with 2 viewing windows

Door of Faraday cage with 2 viewing windows


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