Hru/Zra, mobile equipment

In addition to the standard equipment such as potentiostat/galvanostat and rotating electrodes we offer measuring instruments for potential with the highest input resistance up to 1015 ohms and current measuring instruments with an input resistance of theoretically 0 ohms to virtually 10-4 ohms. We manufacture those instruments with one or more channels. They can be used for additional measurement of potential, for measurement of short circuit current and also in slightly modified form for measurement of the electrochemical potential and current noise.

The following pictures show versions, which we already have delivered, in some cases an adjustment to the customer's wishes is necessary.



The upper picture shows a potential and temperature measurement device with 6 channels. The instrument is designed for mobile use and shall be used in a car. The power supply takes place via the 12V plug in the car. Each of the six four pin connectors contacts a reference electrode and a temperature sensor. The connection WE will be connected with the working electrode, for example the exhaust pipe. The instrument is equipped with a data logger, the data will be stored on a SD-card.