Rot.Ring-Disc Electrode Unit with optional accessories
SpeedControlTouch Controller, portable PguTouch Potentiostat, Rotating Ring-Disc Electrode with misc. electrodes and EcmWin running on a notebook



The portable Potentiostat / Galvanostat for lab and field

mobiler PotentiostatPguTouch PguTouch in optional case with optional accessories

The PguTouch is our potentiostat/galvanostat, which can be used as a laboratory measuring station for more complex tasks and as a field device for predefined measuring routines. By using a portable computer, more complex methods can of course be performed outside the laboratory.

EC Pen
EC-pen (zoomed view)

An ideal complement to the PguTouch is the so-called EC-pen. The small, portable sensor with integrated reference and counter electrodes allow quick access to the data. The sensor does not require a seal, to avoid leakage of the electrolyte, as the electrolytic contact is realized with a porous polymer body. Easy handling, no surface preparation time and the possibility to use the EC Pen on almost any metallic surface and operate at any inclination are the advantages of this device.

More details you'll find in the PguTouch Datasheet or get in touch with us.


Our latest measuring cells

Individal FlatCell  



This is our modified ZRA measuring cell which can be also used now for 3-electrode measurements. The special feature is the curved contact surface for the test which was made with customized radii.

With this product we complement our variety of different measuring cells which are developed, designed and also produced by us accordingly of customized demands.





Do you need an individual measuring cell for laboratory experiments or your studies?
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