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An introduction to various systems from our portfolio that can be used to analyze hydrogen embrittlement in metals.
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Plant for mechanical specimen testing in hydrogen atmosphere

A part of the plant: the autoclave

A few years ago we developed a test plant for a German research institute to perform mechanical component tests in a pure hydrogen atmosphere.
Because of the high utilization of this plant and the steadily increasing demand for such tests, we now received the request for the construction of another, similarly constructed system.


To enlarge our portfolio for the hydrogen / H2FC sector we have expanded our network

The cooperation with our Czech partner Kolibrik enables us to offer new products in the field of H2FC / hydrogen fuel cells. Here we do not only think of the electronic components but also of complete fuel cell test benches.


We now offer a thermostatable Devanathan measuring cell

The new Devanathan measuring cell

With the new double-walled vessels it is now possible to measure hydrogen permeation as a function of temperature.



Every crisis also provides an opportunity.

We took the opportunity to intensify our business relationship with the materials experts at Steinbeis Transferzentrum Friedrichshafen.

STZ Friedrichshafen

From now on, customers and interested parties from the southern region of Germany can get advice from the experts there on the purchase of electrochemical measuring instruments. In addition, they can see some of our instruments in daily use there, the colleagues are happy to answer your questions.

In addition, the center offers, of course, as all the years before, services for a wide range of issues related to the use of materials. Damage analyses round off the range of services. Thus, in the case of a concrete problem, there is no need to purchase your own equipment. Corresponding preliminary investigations provide a better insight into the task at hand.


Process control ("in situ") during pretreatment of metallic components with our



With the use of our PguTouch an accompanying process control ("in situ") is possible during the pretreatment of metallic components, such as facade elements or sheet metal for the automotive industry. Such a process is divided into several work steps, which can be recorded, for example, by measuring the rest potential of the component to be coated. Depending on the work step, a different process potential arises.


More details in the appropriate PguToch application note



The newly revised Ec-Pen is now available!


The new EC-Pen with detached cap.   The new Ec-pen above compared to the previous one below.

TFB Diagnostic Systems and IPS Elektroniklabor GmbH & Co. KG agreed that a new design should focus on the environmental compatibility and service life of the Ec-pen. The fact that the EC pen can be produced even more efficiently and thus offered to customers at a lower price was a positive side effect.



We also offer photoelectrochemical cells made by

These are mainly used in basic research for battery and solar cell technology.



Rot.Ring-Disc Electrode Unit with optional accessories

SpeedControlTouch Controller, portable PguTouch Potentiostat, Rotating Ring-Disc Electrode with misc. electrodes and EcmWin running on a notebook. Besides: controller and Rot. Electrode in a transport case


OCP Analysis - Measurement System

OCP measurement system
OCP Analysis Measurement System

Under the sponsorship of GSB International, the cooperation between iLF Magdeburg and IPS Elektroniklabor GmbH & Co. KG developed a complete measuring system to the OCP analysis. The RPAiLF method was developed by iLF Magdeburg. Based on the experience with a pilot system, IPS Elektroniklabor GmbH & Co. KG implemented an industrial system with the appropriate hardware and software.

The electrochemical method of OCP analysis (RPAiLF) is used for testing, evaluating and monitoring Cr-free pretreatment coatings on aluminium alloys. The complete measuring system makes it feasible, primarily in the (aluminium) coating industry, to obtain important process quality parameters within a short time, so that it serves a quasi inline control with reduced waiting times.


More details you'll find in our appropriate Datasheet or get in touch with us.



The portable Potentiostat / Galvanostat for lab and field

mobiler PotentiostatPguTouch PguTouch in optional case with optional accessories

The PguTouch is our potentiostat/galvanostat, which can be used as a laboratory measuring station for more complex tasks and as a field device for predefined measuring routines. By using a portable computer, more complex methods can of course be performed outside the laboratory.

EC Pen
EC-pen (zoomed view)

An ideal complement to the PguTouch is the so-called EC-pen. The small, portable sensor with integrated reference and counter electrodes allow quick access to the data. The sensor does not require a seal, to avoid leakage of the electrolyte, as the electrolytic contact is realized with a porous polymer body. Easy handling, no surface preparation time and the possibility to use the EC Pen on almost any metallic surface and operate at any inclination are the advantages of this device.

More details you'll find in the PguTouch Datasheet or get in touch with us.


Our latest measuring cells

Individal FlatCell  



This is our modified ZRA measuring cell which can be also used now for 3-electrode measurements. The special feature is the curved contact surface for the test which was made with customized radii.

With this product we complement our variety of different measuring cells which are developed, designed and also produced by us accordingly of customized demands.





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